Erin Mundy, Millis 3-Sport Athlete

Christopher Tremblay, Staff Sports Writer
A benefit to her team when she’s playing soccer, basketball or track, Millis High senior Erin Mundy hopes to be able to get back onto track soon. Shown in the track photo with Bethany Steiner on left.  Photos used courtesy of Erin Mundy.
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May, 2020
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Millis senior Erin Mundy has definitely seen her share of success with the Mohawk athletic program. The 3-sport star has been involved in five Sectionals Championships (three with the soccer team and another two with the basketball team) and two soccer state titles while just missing out on the third one, losing 1-0 in the final this past fall. She has also captured the Division 4 East Sectional Championship in the 800-meter run. To say she lived life to the fullest on the athletic fields would be an understatement.
Playing on the soccer team for three years, Mundy originally started out as a striker, but this past season found herself moving around the field. As a striker, the now senior found herself more of an assist player, but during the early stages of this past season, she did find the back of the net regularly.
As a guard on the basketball court, she averages seven points and five rebounds per game despite being on the smaller size when it came to height.
“I really don’t think about my height when I’m rebounding,” Mundy said. “It’s just an instinct to me; I see the rebound and go up and get it. I don’t feel that I’m at a disadvantage due to my size.”
As a guard, she loves the pressure that is placed on her to be responsible for getting the team down court. With her teammates relying on her, she goes out and plays as hard as she can.
“Erin is one of the toughest kids that I have ever coached, and I’ve been coaching for 12 years now. She plays at a different level of competition,” Millis Basketball Coach Dave Fallon said. “She is the best ball defender Millis has ever had; is always guarding the opposition’s best player and is at the top of our full court press.”
The senior found her way onto the basketball team near the end of her freshman season just in time for the tournament and has been a starter ever since. This past season, she fractured her cheek in pre-season and found herself sitting on the bench for the first half of the year. When Mundy finally returned, it was like she was never gone.
“As soon as she came back, she immediately was a huge help,” Fallon said. “She was showing people what she could do. There was no fear even though she was wearing for protection, she still played her game, fast and physical.”
As a fall and winter athlete, Mundy found herself looking for something to do during the spring season, so she decided to try out track. Upon the suggestion of her teammates, she got involved in the 400-meter hurdles, but it was the 800-meter run that really peaked her interest.
“My teammates felt that I could get over the hurdles without a problem, so I tried it out,” Mundy said. “After a while, I wanted to add another event. I tried the 200, but it just didn’t work out. I needed something with a longer pace so that I could calculate. That’s when I tried the 800, and it just clicked
Track coach Yvonne Fitzgerald noted that last spring as a junior, Mundy provided strong leadership to the team, especially the younger kids.
“As a hurdler last year, she helped the younger, less experienced athletes with their form and timing to get over the hurdles,” Fitzgerald said. “As far as the 800 goes, she wants to consistently challenge herself and is focused on becoming a better athlete.”
Coming into this spring’s track season Mundy was hoping to finish up her senior season with a bang, but with all the coronavirus going around, it’s unsure if she ever gets a final chance to take to the track. The Millis track coach knows that not being able to run is killing her.
“It’s my senior year, and it’s upsetting not being able to get out there running,” Mundy sad. “But under the circumstances, I just need to push through it with everyone else. I have continued to stay in shape and hope that we eventually get back out on the track if and when there is a season.”
As if being part of all those winning teams at Millis wasn’t enough Mundy got to take part in all three sports this year with her younger sister Caroline, who is a sophomore.