No More Drive Thru

Bella Caggiano
Norwood Post Office has replaced mailboxes at their drive thru
Issue Date: 
June, 2020
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Many residents may have noticed as they drive through the Norwood Post Office parking lot to send their letters through the drive-through mailbox, that it is no longer an option. That convenience unfortunately was replaced with more secure walk-up boxes. This change was not due to health reasons or the Coronavirus, but to reduce theft. Letters were being taken from those boxes, and according to Bryan, a supervisor at the Norwood Post Office, a change was needed.
“The timing was a coincidence,” Bryan said. “For security reasons, a lot of mail was being taken out of the old boxes. Checks and things were being stolen and altered and being cashed for even more than they were supposed to.”
The new boxes are now curbside on Central St. directly behind the original drive-up location and residents must now get out of their cars to mail a letter. There is no longer a pull-down to mail a letter, everything is just inserted through a narrow slot. With the new, protected boxes, a drive up option was just not feasible.
“Even if it was a drive up, you would not be able to reach the new boxes,” Bryan said. “The other ones had a snorkel to make it easier to reach. There was really no point to have them in the drive up.”
COVID-19 has forced many people to alter their daily routines, and this modification is just another sign that life is a work in progress. Many questions by residents were initially raised at the variation, but soon this format will feel standard.
Bryan was not aware of surrounding towns experiencing this problem and replacing their boxes, and at press time, there is no plan to replace all mailboxes throughout Norwood.