Norwood Boys Lacrosse; a Season that Never even Started

Christopher Tremblay
Issue Date: 
June, 2020
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Over the past three years, the Norwood boy’s lacrosse team had ventured into the Division 2 South Tournament twice, but unfortunately fell in the first round both times. As the 2020 season grew close to beginning spring sports athletes soon found that it was going to be suspended due to the Coronavirus swirling about the country.
“We were hoping to have a solid year based on the fact that we had a good chunk of players coming back who had played for us the previous year,” Norwood Boys Lacrosse Coach Danny Reyes said. “The suspension of the season was really hard for the kids as they had worked hard all winter to prepare for the upcoming season. I tried to keep it positive and look for the light at the end of the tunnel.”
Reyes, like so many other coaches, thought that the teams would eventually be back onto their respective fields come the target date of May 4th set forth my Governor Charlie Baker. While in suspension, Reyes would connect with his players via emails or on the Norwood lacrosse page to what they could be doing to keep in shape while preparing for the impending season, if and when.
“At first I was confident that we were going to be back by the Governor’s target date of May 4th, and everything would continue as normal,” the Mustang Coach said. “But the longer it went on, it began to paint a bleak picture and it was becoming more realistic that there was going to be no season.”
With the season officially cancelled, the Norwood Coach noted that he had only one player, senior goalie Mike Catalano, who would be heading to college next fall to play lacrosse. Catalano, who will be playing for New England College, had already committed to the school and has no real worries about earning a scholarship on the team.
“Having already committed is a good thing for Mike, but he still loses out on his senior year and the season would have propelled him into college,” Reyes said. “Unfortunately, being a goalie, it’s tough for him to work on his game alone. Mike has been doing what he can but there is nothing like practicing with another player.”
While Catalano may not be fully affected with the virus cancelling the season, the Norwood juniors looking to get into college may feel the pain. Although the lack of a season will hurt each and every athlete that takes part in spring sports, juniors would have been the ones looking to hone their skills in order to get noticed and get ready for their senior campaigns.
“Everyone is in the same boat and loses a whole year of organized lacrosse,” Reyes said. “Freshmen and sophomores lose time, but still have two or three years of high school lacrosse left; unfortunately, this was the seniors’ final year.”